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We make quality education affordable

We believe every child has the right to quality education. Acceede provides access to quick, easy and stress-free tuition funding for your child.

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For Parents

For Schools


No More Worries About School Fees Payment

Quality education is expensive. You don’t have to break a bank to pay your child’s school fees in lump-sum at the beginning of the term.

Let us take the stress off you, by paying at the beginning of the term.

For Parents

Get quick and easy tuition fund for your child, and free up cash for other expenses; you get to pay back monthly.

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For Schools

Generate 100% of revenue at the beginning of the term by getting full tuition fund from parents to run your school efficiently.

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For Vocational/Training Institutes

Generate revenue at the beginning of every enrollment session to efficiently run your Vocational/Training institutes.

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For Parents

How we make your life easier

Pay instantly

No stress. No charges. No network failure. Get school receipt instantly. 100% secure.

Pay Monthly

Do you hate paying your child’s school fees late? Do you want to free up cash for other expenses? We pay at the beginning of the month and you pay back monthly. No paperwork. No collateral. No hidden charges.

Hassle-free payment

Pay at your own convenience with a smartphone, anytime and anywhere.

Relatively low interest rate

We only charge 4% for any credit taken.

Easy application process

No paperwork or collateral required to apply for credit.

For Schools

How we make your life easier

Digital Reconciliation

Tired of wasting hours on payment reconciliation at the end of the term? Our digital payment system reduces reconciliation time by up to 80%. Finish in 10 minutes, not 1 hour. Automate the issuance of digital receipt. Get insights/analytics on cash flow.

Operating Cash Flow

Are delayed payments frustrating operations? We can help you generate 100% of your revenue at the beginning of the term, and also increase it by up to 30%. This means improved and predictable cash flow for you to effectively run your school. Enjoy exclusive access to our invoice financing platform.

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Digital receipt system

Save cost and time through paperless administration with our digital reconciliation & receipt system.

Access to financial records

Easy access to financial records, cash flow insights, predictions and analytics.

Timely payment of fees

Get school fees fast – at the beginning of the term.

Access to invoice financing

Access cash, up to 100% of your total school revenue at the beginning of the term. Not a loan. No interest payment. Just cash!

For Vocational/Training Institutes

How we make your life easier

Operating Cash Flow

Generate revenue at the beginning of every enrollment session to efficiently run your vocational/training institutes. Increase revenue by up to 30%. Enjoy exclusive access to low-interest rate working capital.

Acceede guarantees revenue generation for smooth and efficient running of your vocational institution by offering full tuition fund to students at the beginning of the training session.

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Collect tuition easily

Our digital payment system makes tuition collection easier and more efficient than the conventional method.

Retrieve financial records easily

We also guarantee easy retrieval of receipts and financial records.

Purchase learning kits early

This warrants the early purchase of training materials, equipment and tools to cater for the desired number of students.

Access to financing

Access short-medium term credit finance at very competitive rates.

Some of the things you may want to know

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Yes, we encourage you to apply.

Once your application has been confirmed, the fees are paid in less than 48 hours.

Repayment is monthly and automated; this means it is automatically deducted every month.

No, we do not and will never do that.

Yes, your financial data is secured with the use of the best cyber security tools and technologies.

No, we do not store your card details. We partner with a PCI-DSS compliant payment processor.

We're great, but don't just hear it from us

Prince Ajibola

RoyalPath Schools

Acceede relieves the stress of bulky payment and frees up cash to do more things at a time. They are very very dependable, reliable and trustworthy. They keep to their promise in terms of charges. There are no extra charges. I pray GOD will take them to higher levels.

Mrs Obar

Agnity School

Acceede is a good company, very very good. They’re reliable, they reduce stress unlike other banks and their interest is very low. I recommend them to anyone that is interested.

Mr Giwa

Eclos College

Aceede, your service is awesome, reliable and time friendly. I appreciate your quick response despite the short notice. Kindly keep up the good service.