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We are obsessed about lowering the financial barrier to accessing quality education in Africa.

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“Education is the best legacy!"

No more worries about school fees payment

Quality education is expensive. You don't have to break a bank to pay your child's school fees in lump-sum at the beginning of the term; it might not even fit your income style. Let us take the stress off you, by paying at the beginning of the term:

  • We pay at the beginning of the term
  • You pay back monthly for up to 3 months

Lack of school fee does not have to keep your child at home.


How we make your life Easier

  • Pay from your convenience, from anywhere
  • Finance your child's school fees on credit
  • Free up cash for other expenses
  • Relatively low interest rate
  • No need for down payment
  • No unexpected charges
  • No paper work
  • No collateral


School Fees Amount
With 10% interest
You Repay (For 3 months)


How we empower your business

  • Reduce time spent on reconciliation by up to 80%
  • Get insights on cashflow
  • No more delayed payments
  • Get 100% of revenue at beginning of the term
  • Improved and predictable cashflow

“Cash is King!"

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